Restoring Feminine Energy

Many ancient societies not only accepted but celebrated femininity in humans. There is documentation of pre-patriarchal goddess societies all over the world. Women who were once venerated for their intuitive wisdom and healing abilities.

Today, a pulse of female empowerment is resurfacing from the remnants of a repressed feminine. Many of us have lost the connection to our bodies and the earth as modern women, while the majority of men are struggling with a wounded inner feminine. It’s time to empower the feminine in our world today by celebrating its contribution to spirituality, culture, and society.

To do this, we must revive the mostly forgotten goddess tradition. There are many important healing practices in pre-patriarchal societies that we desperately need to integrate into our culture today.

The goddess myths are rich with archetypes.

The universal truths from goddesses like Athena and Hestia are building blocks to self-understanding and healing our bodies and minds. They allow us to grow our intuitive nature and identify blessing and lesson in each experience.

In order to heal, we can turn to ritual.

To further develop our healing abilities, we can take our intuitive understanding of existence and channel it into purposeful ritual. Ritual is a powerful practice for setting intentions and embracing the process of change. Humanity is naturally inclined towards ritual because it marks our physical acts and allows us to process them in an experiential way.

Cultivating a symbiotic relationship with nature is crucial.

Another crucial aspect of goddess communities is cultivating a symbiotic relationship with nature. The divine feminine sought balance within all living things, not domination. If we can harness balance and a healthy, interdependent relationship with nature, we can create harmony in our world.

In order to heal, we can turn to ritual.

A cycle is the basic unit of life, evident in every life form, including lunar, solar and seasonal cycles. We cannot and should not be expected to live a consistent, linear life when nature itself has never behaved that way. If we can learn to notice the ebb and flow of cycles, we can tune into our sacred rhythms.

What happens when women are not taught how to live in alignment with the lunar cycle?

When we stigmatize menstruation as “dirty” and taboo like most cultures today, we become out of sync and are thought to exhibit irrational behavior. In ancient times, menstruation was considered a magical process. The feminine way of interpreting social and cultural events is to chart the cycles of nature and their influence. 

We must cultivate a supportive community of empowered women and men.

In ancient goddess cultures, it was understood that healing and empowerment in each other was directly related to the collective consciousness. “The Red Tent” was a place where girls were initiated into a community of empowered women, at the start of their first menstrual cycle. It was a sacred tradition that taught girls about ritual, ceremony and solidarity.

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