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About Us

Created in 2017, Sidepiece Magazine strives to be the antidote for the typical beauty rags you see on the magazine rack. We are deeply rooted in empowering females and giving a spotlight to the real women we see every day on the street, in the workplace and at home. We endeavor to create a safe space for women to feel heard and be seen. Women just like you.

How to Pitch

Keep it simple. A brief two paragraphs is more than enough. Tell us what your angle is and why you think it’s important to be included in this publication. If you have previous samples of your work, please include it in your submission.


Timely: This is an annual magazine. Does your subject matter appeal to 2019?

Authentic: Is your piece relatable? It should grasp some part of the human experience.

Novel: Has it already been done? Your idea should be fresh and intriguing to every reader.

Singular: Do you let a bit of you shine through in this piece? Show us that you’re the best person for the job of telling this story.


Sidepiece Magazine is a passion project and a labor of love. Our contributors pride themselves on being volunteers – not employees.


You’ll have until May 12th, 2019 to submit pitches. Even if your piece isn’t perfectly polished, we are still interested in the idea behind the pitch.


We’re on the hunt for op-eds, one-on-one interviews, personal essays, artwork and animation, along with any other creative story format you can throw at us. If it fits, it prints.


Sidepiece is nothing if not inclusive, so stay away from alienating any particular background. Our approach to political and social views is not that out of hate, but instead in agreement that feminism is a movement of fighting for the equality of all individuals, regardless of gender. Though we have a traditional format, we are far from ordinary. Surprise us with your creativity. Give us something that puts a fire in our bellies and hope in our souls.

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